fsp_smithdax-231 copy.jpg

fsp_smithdax-204 copy.jpg

fsp_smithdax-227 copy.jpg

fsp_smithdax-220 copy.jpg

fsp_smithdax-229 copy.jpg

fsp_smithdax-224 copy.jpg

cuteness overload!! big brother joined smith and dax in their adorable newborn shoot.  lots of love, snuggles and perfection right here!!







bright colors and sparkles and buttons, oh my!!  i had so much fun with heather during her photo session! throwing buttons around and laughing makes for a good day!!

fsp_keller-201 copy.jpg

fsp_keller-202 copy.jpg

fsp_perez-201 copy.jpg

swoon!!  i can’t get over the cuteness of these babes with their beloved daddies!  what a perfect way to capture their father’s day!!

fsp_conboyextended-218 copy.jpg

fsp_conboyextended-202 copy.jpg

fsp_conboyextended-205 copy.jpg

fsp_conboyextended-215 copy.jpg

fsp_conboyextended-241 copy.jpg

getting this many people to look at the camera can be a daunting task!  but the conboy’s and their family sure knew how to work it!  with the sun shining bright, we had a perfect outdoor session!

fsp_niklaus_newborn_-218 copy.jpg




it’s hard to be this cute.  niklaus snuggled into every pose and melted my heart in daddy’s uniform.

fsp_tyler_brooke proposal-203.jpg

fsp_tylerbrooke-243 copy.jpg

fsp_tyler_brooke proposal-211.jpg

fsp_tyler_brooke proposal-239.jpg

fsp_tyler_brooke proposal-241.jpg

brooke said YES(!) when tyler proposed and i was lucky enough to be there to watch his plan unfold into this chapter of their happily ever after!! romance is in the air and the wedding bells will ring!

fsp_nikkis-201 copy.jpg

fsp_nikkis-203 copy.jpg

fsp_nikkis-212 copy.jpg

fsp_nikkis-232 copy.jpg

fsp_nikkis-236 copy.jpg

fsp_nikkis-243 copy.jpg

fsp_nikkis-254 copy.jpg

fsp_nikkis-271 copy.jpg

fsp_nikkis-273 copy.jpg

fsp_nikkis-278 copy.jpg

nikki needed some photos for marketing her talents-turned-business.  this girl is a whiz in the kitchen, a fitness guru, and self driven to success!



fsp_lambs_dunbar-205 copy.jpg



fsp_lambs_koda-201 copy.jpg

fsp_lambs_querio-201 copy.jpg

fsp_lambs_wallo-201 copy.jpg

i look forward to the lamb sessions all year!  nothing’s better than cute kids, sweet lambs, and an amazing barn!

fsp_jontinawed-201 copy.jpg




i was honored to be a part of the weinkes’ wedding day!  from the vintage train to classic converse sneakers, this perfect couple sure knew how to accessorize their magical day!


fsp_downings-201 copy.jpg

fsp_downings-204 copy.jpg

fsp_downings-213 copy.jpg

fsp_downings-216 copy.jpg

the beautiful downing children make this job pretty easy!  Cecilia was plenty entertained by our vintage toys, the rug, and of course, her cute little toes. swoon!!